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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

The KEY difference between all Religions & the Vedic Dharma

The KEY difference between all Religions & the Vedic Dharma

(1) It defines God as a Universal Force to which all the souls are connected. No sect, creed or cast be it of a human being; an animal; an insect or bird has any special attatchment with Him. All are equally connected with Him.

(2) It connects the soul to this God and when it do so, it don't comes in between the soul & the God. There is no necessity of bringing a faith on any particular soul whosoever he may be. No body can come in between a soul & God.

(3) It gives you the TRUTHS of Universe, which we can't otherwise know.

(4) It gives you the TRUTHS about the Basic things which form the Universe.

(5) It gives you the TRUTHS of Creation.

(6) It gives you the TRUTHS about how to live.

(7) It gives you the TRUTHS of Life & Death.

(8)It gives you the TRUTHS about all the things living & non living.

(9) It gives you the TRUTHS of all that we would like to know, so that we can have a worthwhile life, lead a prosperous & happy life and let others live & enjoy the same.

(10) it also helps understand the continuous cycle of life & death.

(11) It helps us to get rid of all the ills by telling us about them & the ways & means to get rid of them currently & permanently.

If you follow it, you will get -

(1) Perfact Peace

(2) Perfact Enlightenment.

(3) Perfact Happiness.

It will bring back in the world & the Universe -

(1) PEACE in & all AROUND.

(2) GOOD-WILL towards one & all.

(3) No destruction, No fears, No ill-wills.

The Religions on the other hand -

(1) Divide us by attributing all the Goodness towards their own choosen mediator, which they present not as an enlightened soul but as a Special Messenger / Son or as an Avtar of God , and this is the reason for all the ill wills prevelant in the present world.

(2) The selfishness & the Greed of the Religious leaders don’t allow them to know the TRUTH, nor they allow others to know the TRUTH. On the other hand they do all in their hands to disallow others to live peacefully , UNLESS & UNTILL they believe only & only in their ways. How can then there be any peace in the WORLD ?

subodhkumar (धर्म

(धर्म के दस अंग क्या हैं ?)
मनुस्मृति के अनुसार वृषो हि भगवान् धर्मः।
धर्म वही है जो सुख की ऐश्वर्य की वर्षा करता है।
वृषो हि भगवान्धर्मस्य यः कुरुते ह्यलम् ।
वृषलं तं विदुर्देवास्तस्माद्धर्मं न लोपयेत।़ ।। मनु 8-16

धर्म लक्षणम् - Creative Duties
सकारात्मक आचरण -Positive actions
धर्मो मनुष्याः। Humanity itself is Dharma.
धर्मो वा अधिपतिः । That which governs a Human is his Dharma

" धृति क्षमा दमो।़स्तेय शौचमिन्द्रिय निग्रहः।
धी विद्या सत्यमक्रोधो दशकं धर्म लक्षणम् ।।" मनुः 6-92

धैर्य,क्षमा,असत्प्रवृत्तियों का दमन, चोरी छल कपट त्याग, मन वाणी शरीर की पवित्रता,इन्द्रिय निग्रह, ज्ञानार्जन, सत्यपालन, क्रोध त्याग, ये दश लक्षण धर्म के बताये जाते हैं।)

There are ten attributes of Dharma viz:
1.धृतिः- Forbearance, Sobriety, Resoluteness
2.क्षमाः- Forgiveness- covering a wider range of meanings
such as Amnesty, Charity, Clemency, Mercy, Non
3.दमोः- Suppression of unbecoming tendencies
4.अस्तेयं ः- To avoid Stealing, Deceit, Dishonesty, Blackmail, Scam
5.शौच ः- Purification- cleanliness, internal & external 6. इन्द्रियनिग्रहः ः- Control over desires
7. धी ः- Cultivation of right mentality by expanding
intellect & avoiding negative influences
8.विद्या ः- Knowledge, about every thing in this world and
9.सत्यम् ः- Truthfulness
10.अक्रोधो ः- Avoiding Anger, Hatred, Unhappiness to
Cultivate calmness, happiness
These ten are the attributes of DHARMA

दश आजीविकायें
" विद्या शिल्पं भृतिः सेवाः गोरक्ष्यं विपणिः कृषिः।
धृतिर्भैक्ष्यं कुसीदं च दश जीवनहेतवः ।। मनुः 10-116
सप्त मर्यादा

सप्त मर्यादाःकवस्ततक्षुस्तासामिदेकामभ्यं हुरो गात्।
आयोर्हस्कम्भ उपमस्य नीडे पथां विसर्गे ध्रुणेषु तस्थौ ।। अथर्व 5-1-6
सात मर्यादाएं 1। चोरी,2।़गम्यागमन,3।ब्रह्म हत्या, 4भ्रूण हत्या,5।मद्यपान,6।पुनः पुनः पाप कर्म में प्रवृत्ति,7।पाप कर के झूठ बोलना

अपने चित्त वृत्तियों में उपलब्ध करो अन्यथा नि:सार रह जावोगे
Cultivate the virtue to gather strength, otherwise you will suffer deprivation
यद्येकवृषोSसि सृजारसोSसि ! अथर्व वेद 5/16/1
यदि द्वि वृषोSसि सृजारसोSसि ! अथर्व वेद 5/16/2
यदि त्रि वृषोSसि सृजारसोSसि ! अथर्व वेद 5/16/3
यदि चतुर्वृषोSसि सृजारसोSसि ! अथर्व वेद 5/16/4
यदि पञ्चवृषोSसि सृजारसोSसि ! अथर्व वेद 5/16/5
यदि षड्वृषोSसि सृजारसोSसि ! अथर्व वेद 5/16/6
यदि सप्त वृषोSसि सृजारसोSसि ! अथर्व वेद 5/16/7
üयद्यष्ट वृषोSसि सृजारसोSसि ! अथर्व वेद 5/16/8
यदि नवष्टषोSसि सृजारसोSसि अथर्व वेद 5/16/9
यदि दश वृषोSसि सृजारसोSसि अथर्व वेद 5/16/10
यद्येकादशोSसि सृजारसोSसि अथर्व वेद 5/16/11

Veda is saying here that there are ten aspects of Dharma.
All of these aspects of Dharma have to be cultivated in your temperament. Leaving out even one of them will render you
वेद के अनुसार यदि धर्म के एक अंग को ही गृहण कर चुके हो तो नि:सार रह जावोगे, यदि धर्मा के दो अंगों को ही गृहण कर चुके हो तो भी नि:सार रह जावोगे. यदि धर्म के दसों अंगों को धारणा कर चुके हो तो बिना प्रभु भक्ति के नि:सार रह जावोगे.