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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्





By Chitranjan Sawant

Rejoice ye all captains and commoners! Lord Ram has returned to Ayodhya after a fourteen-year exile. It is an extra-ordinary homecoming indeed. The ghost of evil personified by Ravana and his tribe is laid to rest for good. Peace prevails all over. Let us light lamps and illuminate home and hearth. The illumination is done well. It is being done year after year. Rejoicing returns on Diwali to lift low morale generated by depression, both mental and mundane; not ignoring the economic one.

Lighting the lamp of true knowledge to dispel darkness of ignorance looming large on our minds is the need of the day. `Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya’ (Lead me from darkness unto light); so prays the devotee to God. The prayer mantras seeking light are recited in broad daylight. Does one pray for light of the day during daytime when sun is shining bright? Certainly not. Without emphasizing the obvious we may say that it is the inner darkness that needs to be dispelled. When the pall of ignorance envelops the inner self, and the individual loses his sense of direction, his mind becomes numb and he loses his mental equilibrium. He fails to tell what is right and what is wrong. He becomes aimless and rudderless. He is caught in the whirlpool of false beliefs and superstitions leading to observance of meaningless rituals. Eventually he sinks into the dark abyss.

How can a fallen man be resurrected? How does a human being come out of the darkness and proceed towards light to lead a meaningful life? The process is simple and the goal achievable. Well, the spouse or mother of the fallen person is most suited to be an instrument of resurrection. The spouse or mother is a friendly critic who does constructive criticism with an eye on betterment of lifestyle. Kabir, the unschooled pragmatic preacher advises householders to provide free board and lodging to a critic in the courtyard of the main house because the critic would effect an improvement in the householder’s behavioural pattern without using pungent detergents. Apparently the modus operandi would be proactive persuation. Aim is to let the reformed person lead a happy life after corrective measures have been taken.

Further the atheistic tendencies of the fall guy should gradually change to unflinching faith in God. The Almighty is the prime source of inspiration and guidance of one and all. When men and women pray to Him, He listens and responds to prayers. Of course prayers should not be destructive and revengeful in nature. Let us not pray for the demise of an enemy or destruction of an adversary’s property. One should not expect God to be a collaborator in crime against humanity. A prayer is a `prarthana’ after an individual has done `purushartha’ (taken action to accomplish task) and supplements it with a logical and reasonable prayer to achieve the goal. Thus the `Purushartha’ is followed by `Prarthana’ and not vice-versa. A `prarthana’ bereft of `purushartha’ may not yield results.

When a person chants a Ved Mantra , meditates and prays to the Supreme Being, that meditating persons is on way to imbibing the great qualities of the Almighty. The Vedic word for this process is `Upasana’ – taking a seat near Him , speaking metaphorically. Through Upasana, a soul enlightens itself and does not let darkness envelope it at anytime anywhere. Such a soul becomes the enlightened one and stays enlightened, unhampered by abysmal darkness. Let nothing on earth dampen or darken the inner spirit. Remain upbeat always and every time. For the enlightened ones, it will be Diwali by day and Diwali by night the year round.

We may dive deep into history and resurrect an earth-shaking event of the nineteenth century India.It happened at Ajmer in Rajasthan. A 59-year old Sanyasi lay dying in the Bhinaya Kothi.He had revolutionized the study of the VEDAS by writing Ved Bhashya in both Sanskrit and Hindi.He had made the Celestial Knowledge,Vedas, available to masses by bringing them out of the closet of classes.For centuries the divine revelation was the exclusive preserve of the Brahmin males alone.Even Brahmin ladies were bereft of it. Swami Dayanand Saraswati set the ball rolling for a Renaissance in the teaching-learning process of the divine revelations,Vedas.Many men and women who were not born Brahmins were inducted into the learned class of priests and preachers by the Arya Samaj founded by the great Swami. He lay dying on the Diwali day in 1883.The great seer who had lighted lamps of learning was to see his own lamp of life being extinguished.He grieved Not because as a seer he knew that his Atma (soul) was immortal.

Swami Dayanand Saraswati,who was later addressed as a Maharishi by the Arya Samajists and other devotees,was a religious and social crusader.He ,as a Reformer of not only the Hindu society but of the entire mankind,crusaded against removal of religious and social evils.Thus he attacked citadels of ignorance and middle men who were parasites of the religious and social orders.The Swami made forays into the feudal Rajputana,now called Rajasthan, to reform the semi-independent rulers.The Rajput rulers of States had accepted the British overlordship and were left with no gainful occupation,not even running the administration of their own states.The british Resident and the Indian Dewan used to run the show.The Maharajas drank alcohol,patronized prostitutes and let the social cancer consume the society.The Swami could not stand by as a passive onlooker and made an endeavour to beard the lion in his own den.The vested interests counter-attacked and had him poisoned.After suffering the agony of arsenic-infected body for one month one day,during the period he was shifted fromplace to place by doctors, the Swami knew that his end was near.

Swami Dayanand Saraswati’s faith and belief in GOD was firm and absolutely unshakable.Right till his last breath he recited the Ved mantras,sang bhajans and said his prayers in Hindi,notwithstanding infirmity owing to prolonged sickness which was not treated adequately.His praise of God was unbelievably true.What he had preached in his whole life,he practiced till the very end.Among the people who had assembled around him at that time was a young Science graduate,Guru Dutt from the Punjab.He was an atheist in his thinking.Seeing Swami ji’s steadfast belief in the Almighty,irrespective of his pain and suffering,the young man from Lahore became a follower of the Vedic Dharma through and through and devoted his entire life to its propagation.The darkness that had enveloped his mind and thought process during his adolescence was dispelled on the Diwali day,thanks to the pragmatic approach of Swami Dayanand Saraswati.The Swami,at the fag end of his last breath said “ O God,may thy will be done’ and then let his soul leave the body and the mundane world.On the Diwali,30 October 1883,The Swami’s lamp of life was extinguished but he had lighted millions of lamps for the entire Mankind.May the Almighty give us ,men and women of the Arya Samaj,the will and courage to carry the torch of the Vedic knowledge forward to illuminate lives of millions of men and women now and for ever.!

Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant, VSM
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Very inspiring commentary,

Very inspiring commentary, Sawant ji. Dhanyavad.

Namastey This is the best

This is the best ever gift of Deepawali I have received/read.
My best wishes to you and your family.
Naveen Arya

AUM Anupam Ji avam Navin ji

Anupam Ji avam Navin ji ko Deepawali lekh ki sarahna ke liye dhanyawad.
Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM