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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


By Brig. Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

"Jeevem Sharadah Shatam....Adinah Syam Sharadah Shatam", that is a mantra of the Veda, the most ancient scripture in the library of man. It has been chanted for many thousand years by men and women in India and abroad who profess and practise the Vedic Dharma.

The prayer means that the faithful lives a life of one hundred years and is not dependent on others physically, mentally, financially and spiritually. The praying person draws from the society and repays to the society in one form or the other. The prayer, or Prarthana in Sanskrit-Hindi languages, is supplemented with Purusharth or Action by the individual. Everyone has to to do something or the other to live and it is called Karma in the Sanskrit language. The Vedic philosophy of life is based on Karma and Karmaphal or the result of action or inaction. What you sow, so must you reap. Do good to others and others will do good to you. This philosophy of life has a bearing on your longeivity or otherwise. Mind is the man; therefore, convince yourself that you have to live a healthy and happy life. Your resolve will show results in a positive way.


Aahar that is the food intake influences the Vichar that is the thought process and in totality shapes your personality that is Vyaohar. If the food and drink are so important , an individual should know its guiding principles. The finer details may be worked out accordingly.
HIT BHUK - MIT BHOOK - RIT BHOOK - these three are the guiding principles. In the same Sanskrit language order, it may be said - Eat what is beneficial to body;eat less than the full capacity of the stomach - eat food that has been bought with the money earned by the sweat of the brow honestly, without an element of dishonesty and cheating.
A piece of advice from a good dietician will encourage the faithful to eat fibre food, leafy vegetables, coarse grain flower and fruits. Avoiding red meat, stale food, saturated fats, hydrogenated oils etc promotes health in a human being.

Eat less than what your hunger demands - that has been the guiding principle for generations. In the normal course, if your body requires six slices of bread, a health conscious person will probably prefer to eat only four and a half slices of bread. The basic idea is that one must not overload one's stomach with food, howsoever good it may be.
Generally speaking, not many men and women pay attention to the factor of buying foodstuff with honest money. The Vedic philosophy of life lays an emphasis on the factor of honesty in keeping you healthy and making a centenarian of you. The factor of honesty will keep an individual not only healthy physically and mentally but also contribute to spiritual wellness so essential for a disease-free centenarian.

Now you are all set to take off on your mission to live a healthy and happy life for a century and may be more. Cheers and bon voyage!


Brigadier Saheb
Lohri, Makar Sankranti va Pongal ke shubh awsar par mila aapka yah shubh sandesh "Jeevem Sharadah Shatam....Adinah Syam Sharadah Shatam", va "HIT BHUK - MIT BHOOK - RIT BHOOK " hame yaad rahe aur hum sab shat-varsh ke jeevan ki aur kadam bada sakein. Aapko va Sabhi ko bahut bahut shubh kamnaye.

Brigadier Saheb,

Brigadier Saheb,
Happy Lohri/Pongal and Makar Sankranti
Very informative and practical tips to live for hundred years.
Factor of honesty does play major role to relieve us from unnecessary stress.
Care for human being and extending help to needy, be happy and always be active,be contended and live simple life without any expectations from others are the factors helping person to extend healthy life.
Ramesh Kumar Anand