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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Challenge to murderers

It has been seen that some peoples like creating doubts instead of solving doubts and they are doing it from the guiding stage of Aryasamaj.
Last week I have been to Aryasamaj where One gentleman was giving his lecture.He advised the Aryasamajis to not to celebrate "Nirvan Utsav" And Balidan Divas because we do not celebrates deaths as in the case of Ram & Krishan And other Rishis.
My View:-Even deaths of Mahapurush gave the directions and light of truth to lacs of people like Pt. LekhRam.Celebrations means remembering, we are challenging the murderers that "see you can't kill the voice of truth we are still here and increasing day by day".We are getting inspiration from their life as well as their death.They lived bravely and they died bravely for the cause. The reasons and cause of their death and how they face the death will inspire the coming and present generations and also encourage them to fight bravely with the evil.The reasons for not celebrating the deaths of other past rishis --may be they have not faced such circumstances.
Pls advise your comments.
Naveen Arora

Namastey.. I am new member

I am new member to this site.. so this is my first post.

Naveenji i totally agree with u about remembering the deaths of great people.As u said its not that we are celebrating it,but we are remembering them,their values of life,and try and incorporate it in our life also.So its not just enough if we celebrate these days with a formal function or something of that sort..we have to know more about the great person associated with that day and try to follow his principles.
So i totally subscribe to your theory...

Namastey Welcome to this

Welcome to this forum.
Thanks for your comments on the great occassion of Balidan Divas/Prerna Divas.At this occassion I want to add

"Sheehdon ki chitaon par laagenge har baras mele yahee unka akhree nishan hoga"

Please do actively participate in discussions on all forums.
Naveen Arora