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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


By Chitranjan Sawant

As a human being we should be friendly with other human beings.However, it is seen that when a new man, his wife and kids move into a house in the neighbourhood,the older residents look down upon them as intruders. Indeed the new comer has paid the green-back dollars to acquire or rent that property but this fact is often overlooked. Old is gold, so think the older residents. The New may be Platinum for all you know. I don't care - that attitude is a road block in beginning a communication. One wonders why the friendly instinct of welcoming a new neighbour takes a back seat these days when you and I need it most.
The youth is driven by Passion. If there is a sweet little chick in the new flock, the boys of nubile age think of dating her - not with the intention of taking her to altar but with the not so sacred instinct of taking her to bed sooner or later. That is not the human spirit. That is the animal instinct. We all behave as animals sometime or the other. It is the correct education that purifies and reforms our baser instincts and makes a man out of an animal.
The Vedas, most ancient scriptures in the library of mankind advise all men and women to be good Human Beings.Among the many qualities of a Human Being isCompassion or in Sanskrit, KARUNA. If my heart bleeds for the man or the woman next door when she needs help, I have risen to the status of a Human after sublimating my animal instincts. I have risen higher than what the old saying demanded of me. A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED - that is the age-old adage. Going to the help of a neighbour, a fellow man, even before making friends with him or her is a step higher than what was required of me, a neighbour, in the saying on friendship.Going into that direction further, one may even go to rescue a damsel in distress and that would indeed be an act of a good human being.
One need not be a Knight in shining armor on a white horse to prove to the humanity his Humane qualities. This may be done in a lane or a bylane where the poor, the needy and the deprived men and women live.
Let us obey the Vedic injunction "MANURBHAV'and be true to our Dharma or the code of conduct to live and let live in a human society.

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