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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्




I am just a layman and have no knowledge of medicines or when and how they should be taken by patients. I have been interacting with both doctors and patients in hospitals and in the street. I have been a patient off and on and listened to doctor's orders and followed them patiently. As a head of the family that comprises my wife, three sons and daughters and their spouses, I have a cquired a fair amount of knowledge of diseases, their causes and cure.With the permission of the medical fraternity, I have some observations to make. Avandia has caused the provocation to pen my views for the benefit of fellow human beings who are not medics and live life as just plain citizens.
A doubting Thomas may ask what kind of advice you plan to give when at the outset you say something that is not a practical suggestion. Is it possible for a man or an animal or for that matter for a tree or a plant not to fall ill. Yes it is indeed possible. I concede that it will be an ideal situation when the illness is kept at bay and no money is spent on medicine. No phone calls are made to make an appointment with a doctor, leave a specialist alone, and no gas is burnt in driving to a clinic or a general hospital. The Ideal is always difficult to achieve but it is not impossible to achieve. If an individual makes a serious effort, he or she may keep diseases at arm's length.
Common cold, ah, that is a bugbear. When the season changes, one catches cold. Believe you me, common cold goes away as quietly as it came.No fanfare, no ceremonials either way. No wonder, the age-old saying is: if you take some medicines, common cold will disappear in seven days; if you don't take any medicine,it will take just a week to disappear. So where is the need to take a medicine?
There are home-grown herbs that double up as medicines if you really know about them. In the Hindu undivided family, the grandma or the granny and may be even a grandpa use their own experience to caution the new generation what to eat and what to wear and when. This provides a trmendous protection and precludes consultations with a doctor or buying and using medicines.
Avandia stands condemned by the US Administration. A long research and deliberation has gone into making this decision. When the license to manufacture and market Avandia expires in 2012, there is no likelihood of its renewal. It has been proved beyond the shadow of any doubt that if 500 persons get a heart attack because they have been consuming Avandia to get rid of or merely control diabetes, 300 persons of those 500 persons are likey to breathe their last. This shortening of life and prior to that a heart condition is the direct result of this drug called Avandia. Research work had been going on for quite some time and yet the Drug Controller allowed the near fatal drug to be marketted and consumed by laymen like me is indeed a criminal act and is also liable to civil action for damages.No one has knocked at the big door of a court of law as yet is a different matter. Possibly the story of incompetence of the Drug Department and fatalities prior to findings were made public recently. The loved ones of the dear departed are in a state of shock that the medicine killed the patients instead of curing them. It is nothing short of a horror tale. The US Administration too has blood on its hand and all the water of the Potomac river will not be able to wash the blood stains. All the perfumes of Arabia,just borrowing words of Lady Macbeth,will not be able to sweeten their hands.
americans may like to look towards East, that is India, and fall in the lap of a Vedic Yogi like Swami Ramdev Maharaj of Haridwar to learn the Art of Experiencing Health and Happiness. Mind is the Man. So, train the mind to lead the body on the path of Righteousness. The saying is "Healthy mind in a healthy body". How? The answer is simple. You are what you eat. Please follow the advice rendered by a great Vaidyas(One who knows the working of mind,body and makes them compatible with soul)like Charak and Sushrut. Please try and follow this:
HIT BHOOK MIT BHOOK AND RIT BHOOK. Eat what helps you build your body coupled with exercises, yoga and Pranayam, eat a little less than what your hunger demands and finally eat what has been bought with money earned with labour-by sweat of the brow and Not by cheating or murdering a fellow man.
Early to bed and early to rise is the way to be healthy,wealthy and wise - follow this saying as far as possible. Exercise your body and mind daily through Yogasan,including Pranayam.
Be cheerful and give positive suggestions to yourself and to friends and acquintances so that there is cheerfulness all around.
Finally, remember that in the United States more human beings die of over-medication than of diseases.Avandia is just a part of the malais.Yoga is the cure.

One generation(1950-2010)

One generation(1950-2010) has spent prime time of life believing and following modern science/medical research(Western) recommendation on various medication.We were all confused about parents" advise on various aspects of life particularly How to live healthy! Most of us did not have faith in Yoga Asanas/Ayurvedic Medical System as we start following blindly Western medical system.Convent education has also played vital role in this aspect.
We have to bear side effect/after affect of our faith resulting ruining life thus causing immature death of our brothern.
Can we learn lesson from our experience - Proper guidance for future generation
on basis of Vedic/Ayurvedic health system.Arya Samaj should take lead establishingVedic health System and start implementing at all branches of AS and DAV institutes.