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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Vedoday2050 - Volume I, Number 4, February 2008


Volume I, Number 4, February 2008

Many positive events are taking place worldwide, which are in line with the Vedic teachings. The Vedic concept is that every conscious being is a composite of body, mind and soul. Every conscious being experiences pleasure and pain (sukha and duħkha) and that's the definite proof of soul, the consciousness. This plain truth is now sinking in the whole world that why should we kill animals and birds for our food requirement when there are other alternatives. We are superior to other beings not by being able to kill them but because we can act more responsibly to protect the earth and its biodiversity. The current interest in vegetarianism is the natural outcome of the human love and compassion and every sensitive human being should dis-associate himself with the killings of animals and birds. It is natural that the bold and open-minded people will increasingly become vegetarians as they become more aware of its virtues and the harms that meat consumption brings to us, animals and ecology. This will be an important feature of Vedoday that we visualize worldwide.


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

Pakistan has problems galore. Let the government and people of Pakistan go into causes and look for cure. As an Indian why should I be concerned? Doesn’t it amount to peeping into a neighbour’s bedroom to find out if their daily quarrels emanate from unfulfilled sexual desires. Well, the answer is yes and no. Without entering into the soul of Freud or Jung even a greenhorn marriage counsellor would say that a modern marriage is made or unmade in bed. Before doing the saptpadi of a Vedic Vivah or saying I Do and tying the nuptial knot both the bride and the groom have had an experiment with sex and know what the future augurs for them. Good and friendly neighbours should know more and more about each other, albeit without a peek into the bedroom. A piece of advice now and then on the matter and method of an all round development of personality should be welcome to both.

वेदो में विज्ञान व शिल्पविद्या के रहस्य (11)

तं त्वा वाजेषु वाजिनं वाजयामः शतक्रतो | धनानामिन्द्र सातये ||9||
ऋग्वेद 1|4|9||

महात्मा नारायण स्वामी जी की 'केन सूक्त‌' पर टीका - ‍परिशिष्ट‌ (1)

|| ओउम् ||
अथर्ववेदान्तर्गत, केन सूक्त‌
(अथर्व. 10|2)

केन पार्ष्णी आभृते पुरुषस्य केन मांसं संभूतं केन गुल्फौ | केनांगुलीः पेशनीः केन् खानि केनोच्छलंखौ मध्यतः कः प्रतिष्ठाम् ||1||


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

5 grand children, 12 great grand children, 14 great great grand children and one great great great grandchild – that is the report card of Henry Allingham, a noted ex-serviceman of the First World War who died at age 113 years in the United Kingdom. A man of many parts, he was much sought after by scribes and lensmen as he always made news but shunned newsmen. A very private person indeed .He did not wish to talk about the war until gradually drawn out of the shell by his ghost biographer, Goodwin. On his demise the Queen of England said that she was saddened. Allingham sacrificed so much for all of us.

महर्षि पतञ्जलि ऋषि प्रणीत 'योगदर्शनम्' (5)

सरल हिन्दी भाषा में - मूल सूत्र, शब्दार्थ तथा भावार्थ सहित
लेखक - श्री ज्ञानेश्वरार्यः - M.A. दर्शनाचार्य (दर्शन योग महाविद्यालय, आर्यवन, रोजड़, गुजरात के सौजन्य से)

पाप का मूल अज्ञान

ओउम् | यच्चिद्धि ते पुरुषत्रा यविष्ठाचित्तिभिश्चकृमा कच्चिदागः |

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