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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Youngsters come forward

From this site I hereby request to all to come forward and give your name and time for duty/Seva at Aryamahasammelan 2006.
Contact:Rohini Aryasamaj,Sec.-7
Also:-Arya kendriya sabha


करिष्मा एक कुदरत का ,हमें प्रभु ने दिया था
बस खाली इक लिफाफा था , न कुछ उसमें पड़ा था

लोककर्ता भगवान ही सच्चा पिता

त्राता नो बोधि दद्दशान आपिरभिख्याता मर्डिता सोम्यानाम् |
सखा पिता पितृतमा: पितृणां लोकमुशते वयोध: ||
ऋग्वेद् 4.17.17

Thy Will Is My Will O Dear God!

Thy Will Is My Will O Dear God!

God is the sacred word “OM”,
All is OM and the only OM.
God is the source of all Vedic wisdom,
Who is the source of the entire scripture’s kingdom.

प्रभो आ

ओउम् |
अग्ने आ याहि वीतये गृणानो हव्यदातये|
नि होता सत्सि बर्हिषि ||

Maharishi Dayanand on National Defence


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant, VSM

Maharshi Swami Dayanand Saraswati, who brought in a religious renaissance in the 19th century India, in his principal work Satyarth Prakash (Light of Truth) has dwelt at length on the question of national defence in the sixth chapter. The sixth chapter is basically about good governance and, of course, national defence is an integral part of good governance.

Swami Shardhnand Bhawan

Namastey All,
Every body in this world gave repect to their leaders and their "marks"as their memory inspires them.
Then howcome Swami Shardhanand Bhawan is in such a bad position?
This was the question asked by my 13 yrs. old son on last 25th Dec.Shobhayatra for which i don't have any answer.

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