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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Aryasamaj festivals

Namastey All
It has been noticed that most of the Aryasamaj Temples don't bother to go beyond their weekly programm or their Annual function.
On Last Swami Dayanand Nirvan utsav and birthday I haven't seen any lights or fresh hoistings of Flags or banners on most of the Aryasamaj or DAV schools or houses of Aryasamajis.

Quick Health Tips

Health Letter

In my search for simple & natural means that could be affordable by the poorest, for attaining good health, as well as warding off & curing diseases, I recently came across certain systems that proved beneficial. Here I am giving account of some of these in brief, pending their detailed write-up. This hurry is to share the benefits views & experiences with the esteemed viewers.

मन्त्रानुसार आचरण‌

नकिर्देवा मिनीमसि नकिरा योपयामसि मन्त्रश्रुत्यं चरामसि|
पक्षेभिरपिकक्षेभिरत्राभि सं रभामहे ||
ऋग्वेद 10.134.7

कुछ कविताएं

कुछ कविताएं

(1)आदमी का शरीर
आदमी शरीर को मैं मानते हुए, भागता चला जा रहा है
भागता चला जा रहा है

Pandit Lekhram

Few days back while surfing the net I found very interesting details about the work & death of Pandit Lekhram.

भगवान के सख्य का फल‌

शास इत्था महाँ अस्यमित्रखादो अदभुत:|
न यस्य हन्यते सखा न जीयते कदाचन||
ऋग्वेद‌ 10.152.1

कृण्वन्तो विश्वम् आर्यम्

कृण्वन्तो विश्वम् आर्यम्
कविताः तिलक ग्रोवर

हे सकल ऐश्वर्य सम्पन्न परमेश्वर।

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